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Shinigami's ScytheShinigami's ScytheShinigami01-05-20125
Tumu Reaper Scythe Tumu Reaper Scythe Cola12-12-20142
Lorde, Vandheer [Kumo Jounin]Lorde, Vandheer [Kumo Jounin]Ashin21-02-201212
The Twice and Future Thing (AKOW)The Twice and Future Thing (AKOW)Hotwire16-12-201280
Becoming A Death ScytheBecoming A Death ScytheTheJackOfAllTrades17-06-201513
Great Chain scythe walking stickGreat Chain scythe walking stickLayman Iconoclast27-11-20091
Death's Moon (dual-bladed scythe)Death's Moon (dual-bladed scythe)keymaster12-09-20082
ShoseiShoseiSindra Froleckus25-01-20152
Nagato's ScytheNagato's ScythePein27-01-20131
Shiko/Hidan scytheShiko/Hidan scythepoleon02-05-20154
Kansuke's Desusaizu ScytheKansuke's Desusaizu ScytheGuest17-09-20141
Four Horsmen: Reaper Scythe'sFour Horsmen: Reaper Scythe'sUrumi04-09-20162
Death Scythe TemplateDeath Scythe TemplateSERP Admin16-05-20130
Ruins of Utopia Ruins of Utopia Soul Hunter30-12-20105
Tobias Noir 'Blood Scythe'Tobias Noir 'Blood Scythe'King Rage26-02-20161
Victoria's ScytheVictoria's ScytheNero04-03-20147
Demon scytheDemon scytheLeosan24-03-20143
Irritum - MutatioIrritum - MutatioCirven12-06-20152
Hand Scythes Hand Scythes Sleepy08-09-20111
The Demon of Angels.The Demon of Angels.Jt03-05-20141
Thordur's sword [Ready]Thordur's sword [Ready]Hodor05-09-201411
Official Team Discussion Base for gtc331 - AwesomesauseLion - Godofthedualblade - Monokuma :3 - Torbman Official Team Discussion Base for gtc331 - AwesomesauseLion - Godofthedualblade - Monokuma :3 - Torbman Guest08-07-201318
Artifact: The Soul Caliber Artifact: The Soul Caliber Soul Rider18-04-20137
Requip:The ReaperRequip:The ReaperMelyre08-11-201410
Takai's WeaponTakai's WeaponTakai02-12-20125
When one A.I meets another A.I (FINISHED)When one A.I meets another A.I (FINISHED)[RACKIE]03-11-2014166
Roselia Heart Roselia Heart Roselia Heart25-05-20143
Revontheus appRevontheus appRevontheus13-10-20129
 Earth Demon Slayer and Vertir Demon Summoning Earth Demon Slayer and Vertir Demon SummoningChelvaric29-07-20138
Bio-Emerge:Grim ReaperBio-Emerge:Grim ReaperRoselia Heart25-05-20143
Blade of the Reaper Blade of the Reaper Hakora Rhapsodos09-03-20151
OOC RP, Mage - Non-mage War (OPEN)OOC RP, Mage - Non-mage War (OPEN)Sir Leonard09-02-20139
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