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"sasuke eternal mangekyou sharingan vs naruto sage mode"

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SenjutsuSenjutsuThe Jade Sage02-04-20150
Akio KaguyaAkio KaguyaKaiden14-08-201443
Mangekyou abilities[WIP]Mangekyou abilities[WIP]Rei Uchiha30-10-20163
Sasuke's SharinneganSasuke's SharinneganGladiusStorm16-04-201414
Naruto rp.Naruto rp.belac uchiha reborn30-04-201440
The Kyoko clan...The Kyoko clan...Sprite22-02-20142
Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training]Dancing With Wolves Part III [Private|Senjutsu Training]Okami03-01-20160
Senninka (sage transformation)Senninka (sage transformation)Zalton11-04-201432
Guide: Sharingan TrainingGuide: Sharingan TrainingUS Admin08-04-20120
Eternal WarEternal WarGuest12-03-201313
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Challenge ModeThe Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Challenge ModeLinguz01-12-20115
Sage's jobSage's jobWillow Cloud29-11-20112
A New Fairy Named SageA New Fairy Named SageGuest01-09-20090
Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentPersona 2: Eternal PunishmentGrungie09-12-20133
Hero Mode and or Ministrife RequestHero Mode and or Ministrife RequestCardly10-04-20147
Scorpion Summoning ContractScorpion Summoning ContractYama22-09-20121
Challenge Mode- Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimChallenge Mode- Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimGuest12-02-201311
Kekkaishi FanFictionKekkaishi FanFictionMeghan Urie02-08-2011157
Finally Kakashi lost his SharinganFinally Kakashi lost his SharinganKaizaReturns112-05-20142
Mastering the sharingan privateMastering the sharingan privateZanji19-07-20140
Battle Mode: 0982 -- Lenneth vs Gene [Winner: Lenneth]Battle Mode: 0982 -- Lenneth vs Gene [Winner: Lenneth]Etzolix12-09-201214
Naruto: Ninja-Tales, AU Next Gen Naruto RP *Grand-opening*Naruto: Ninja-Tales, AU Next Gen Naruto RP *Grand-opening*Guest28-05-20150
Horse Isle 2? Life Cycle and EternalHorse Isle 2? Life Cycle and EternalDaydreamer08-01-20123
A Legacy of ConquestA Legacy of ConquestMist21-07-2014234
Jagan Eye VS SharinganJagan Eye VS SharinganReturningYoru24-12-20140
Eternal UnhealthEternal UnhealthNoa Kuroki30-01-20173
Saito Ryukotei Saito Ryukotei Parius20-05-20149
Eternal Damnation to All Those Who Stand Against UsEternal Damnation to All Those Who Stand Against UsOdien29-08-20147
3rd Installment of Naruto manga?3rd Installment of Naruto manga?XxKushina_Uzumakixx10-03-20149
An Ocelot becomes a Cat Sage An Ocelot becomes a Cat Sage Aurielle22-08-20140
X D. Sage's statsX D. Sage's statsX D. Sage11-02-20141
Rowkon And KidsRowkon And KidsGuest26-12-2008162
Level DescriptionLevel DescriptionKalliope20-12-20140
Sage Hallowell's BunkSage Hallowell's Bunkfinnyfae22-05-20140
Sage's Cyborg ArtsSage's Cyborg ArtsX D. Sage13-02-20142
parsley sage and thymeparsley sage and thymemangledmedic25-04-20141
Nine Tails Chakra Mode! (DONE)Nine Tails Chakra Mode! (DONE)Gray19-12-201417
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations?Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations?Zaiaku18-06-20150
Fire Emblem: Awakening - Classic ModeFire Emblem: Awakening - Classic ModeSleepy22-08-20154
Quote 1000Quote 1000Akreious28-09-20159
Blades Of Eternal BloodlustBlades Of Eternal BloodlustFelicity21-03-20141
Haruki, Aiko H.Haruki, Aiko H.Stormi27-01-20141
Chapter 640Chapter 640Captain Konoha24-07-201312
Uchiha, Icarus [Sunagakure Genin] (WiP)Uchiha, Icarus [Sunagakure Genin] (WiP)Icarus23-02-20102
Naruto Chapter 615Naruto Chapter 615BK-20127-12-201223
Face Claim ListFace Claim ListFabled Emperor Karna24-11-201423
Naruto Hinode's Rebirth | Naruto No Tenchi Naruto Hinode's Rebirth | Naruto No Tenchi Ian28-03-20112
Naruto: Lost Dimension | A Naruto RPGNaruto: Lost Dimension | A Naruto RPGRoxas06-04-20114
Naruto chapter 672Naruto chapter 672Guest10-04-20149
Naruto, it all ends with these last two chapters [SPOILERS!!!!]Naruto, it all ends with these last two chapters [SPOILERS!!!!]Kojirama Senju06-11-201412
Naruto's Youton RasenshurikenNaruto's Youton RasenshurikenGladiusStorm16-04-20144
Uchiha, Sakumo [Konoha Genin]Uchiha, Sakumo [Konoha Genin]Outcast05-09-20115
Sharingan: Unlocking the first tomoe and subsequent tomosSharingan: Unlocking the first tomoe and subsequent tomosKite10-04-20124
The Leaf's Red BeastThe Leaf's Red BeastHasashi07-03-201440
Sage ChroniclesSage ChroniclesGuest07-08-201419
JOIN THE PRIDE HERE ~ Joining FormsJOIN THE PRIDE HERE ~ Joining FormsKali07-07-2015261
East Blue: "Rivals Meet: Allies and Enemies Eternal" (Invite Only)East Blue: "Rivals Meet: Allies and Enemies Eternal" (Invite Only)Aidoneus03-02-201434
Dark Recreation: Eternal Subordination Dark Recreation: Eternal Subordination Steigmaz Yoverin06-04-20135
Naruto Roleplay Sign-upsNaruto Roleplay Sign-upsSterling24-02-201521
Shishi's List of Jutsu Shishi's List of Jutsu Shishi30-04-20153
Naruto manga.Naruto manga.Greed28-06-2012180
Naruto RP SiteNaruto RP SiteGuest07-01-20150
Naruto RP ForumNaruto RP ForumGuest21-04-20120
Micheal's PuppetsMicheal's PuppetsGuest03-07-20138
Kijin's Eternal Blades (magic)Kijin's Eternal Blades (magic)Hindenburg16-02-20133
Naruto 668 The Crimson Springtime BeginsNaruto 668 The Crimson Springtime BeginsXxKushina_Uzumakixx12-03-20142
Criminal ActivityCriminal ActivityGuest22-08-201222
Phoenix Fire [SS-Rank Updated Please Check]Phoenix Fire [SS-Rank Updated Please Check]Kirahunter23-02-201418
Why I hate Itachi the Mary Sue (a Naruto rant)Why I hate Itachi the Mary Sue (a Naruto rant)Guest16-11-20130
Naruto 567 Warning: !Spoiler Alert!Naruto 567 Warning: !Spoiler Alert!Leighton17-12-20114
Naruto RPGNaruto RPG~Tobias~31-12-201341
Batto [Senjutsu Clan]Batto [Senjutsu Clan]Demitria06-02-20160
Tamashi "The Demon Sage" Senju Tamashi "The Demon Sage" Senju UltimateFoxSageX08-01-20151
Bijuu System [Done]Bijuu System [Done]Eververse28-02-201610
Prestige modePrestige modeArctic26-04-201245
Favourite Naruto character?Favourite Naruto character?Søren05-02-201345
Untold Stories(A Naruto RP)Untold Stories(A Naruto RP)Guest19-07-20110
Kaseki In Naruto (Yoshige) Screen ShotsKaseki In Naruto (Yoshige) Screen ShotsKaseki07-11-20140
"Snow" Family Tree"Snow" Family TreeAzure Snow13-02-20140
Naruto 573 [spoilers]Naruto 573 [spoilers]Dari's Angel08-02-20125
Naruto Kai RPGNaruto Kai RPGDando26-04-20150
Izou, Kobayashi [Kumogakure Genin]Izou, Kobayashi [Kumogakure Genin]iJoker14-05-201211
SamSamPrinny Emalia09-08-20141
Senju Clan Senju Clan Kurama Senju16-01-20165
Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0 | Where Legends Are Born -Link Back-Naruto Lost Dimension 2.0 | Where Legends Are Born -Link Back-Guest27-06-20110
Lilynette Riggs's Primary Fighting Style: Rokushiki Sage Lilynette Riggs's Primary Fighting Style: Rokushiki Sage Lilynette04-01-20152
Naruto Chapter 611Naruto Chapter 611~Fox~28-11-20123
Ninpocho Chronicles - A Non-Canon Naruto RPGNinpocho Chronicles - A Non-Canon Naruto RPGGuest12-04-20150
Naruto: TROLNaruto: TROLGuest12-08-20120
Naruto RPG: Shinobi World EvolutionNaruto RPG: Shinobi World EvolutionGuest14-06-20132
Naruto Manga 600 (Look and Die)Naruto Manga 600 (Look and Die)Aries05-09-201215
Letter in circulation amid the silent shroud (Kelemvorites & Jergalites)Letter in circulation amid the silent shroud (Kelemvorites & Jergalites)b00seven20-07-20120
Thaumaturge's EnchantmentsThaumaturge's EnchantmentsAsuraKing05-07-20111
Tomoe Uchiha (WIP)Tomoe Uchiha (WIP)alexana19-04-20150
ANBU Black OpsANBU Black OpsThe Jade Sage30-09-20140
Fuuinjutsu and Weapon sealingFuuinjutsu and Weapon sealingTsurugi22-04-201217
Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja (Grand Opening)Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja (Grand Opening)Guest30-03-20130
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"sasuke eternal mangekyou sharingan vs naruto sage mode"
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