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Finished Project Xionic (Three Sinner Androids)
Omega Name: Omega Age: 25 True Age: 125 Sex: Male Personality: Omega is an android who has little remorse, no regrets, and definately no mercy. He is a killing machine that is willing to do any fair thing in order to win fairly. He holds trust
this love, it is a distant star guiding us home wherever we are
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I love this bar (open)
Zell walked into the club with his usual attire. He was wearing a sleeveless cotton black shirt that hugged him under his black leather jacket that thad a badass dragon biting it's tail on the back. Zell looked like he belonged in a gang more than at the
Only know you've been high when you're feelin' low, Only hate the road when you're missin' home, Only know ya love her when you let her go... And you let her go
How long had it been?  A month, two maybe?  The afterlife was a weird place, hard to keep track of time.  Cai found that ironic, carrying around a broken watch all his life.  If only he’d fixed the damn thing.   Was this a beach?  Sand and water, like
My Black Star, Faith
Personal Info Name: Eternity Alias: Faith Age: Unknown Gender: Male Personality:He seems to hold no happiness, no joy, no love, as though the very concept was never given to him by the gods... he simply cannot feel them, he is often emotionless and
The Strangest Type OF Love, a twilight RP.
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Chrys Swann, now 17, is moving to Forks, Washington. His mother and step-father are traveling to Florida. John, Chrys's step-father, is an actor and he's going to try and get role in a movie. Alicia went with him, uh
Opinions please
I need a new icon to use and y'all should choose for me, it must be pepe tho: example one: pepe and the diamonds (b/c marina is awesome shhhhh) example two: pepe minaj at the gym (b/c if you even joke about voting for this one i will do
Here's Johnny! ... Well, here's Ash, but close enough.
dear forum users, i would like to introduce, or re-introduce, myself. i am the one and only ash. or, spencer, which some of you know me by. i'm back, obviously, because i'm on holiday from school & i need something to do and my first thought was..."HoN
The Love of Darkness
Alrighty. So some of you may remember the first couple chapters of this from the old site. Well, I finally picked it back up. plus side? I've improved my writing since then. mind you Chapter 5-7 are a little wierd because I was just getting abck into the
The Ghost's Festival [OPEN] [SITE EVENT]
She was preceded by the smell of sulfur and the squeak of sneakers against tile. Her footsteps rung throughout the hall. Empty. Dark. Blue sparks danced across her fingers, lighting the way. As always, she was scowling. The difference was that today she
Let Me Love You Luna - Tumblr
Please correct me if this is the wrong board but I assume it is since a random topic that I have chosen :I And maybe a bit of advertisement... Buuttt... I have created an Ask Luna Blog. Yeah, yeah Ask blogs are seen everywhere on Tumblr but I thought i
The Official Hate Ladonna Compson Thread
(yay i finally did it) ~Circa 2014~ ~ Do you hate Ladonna Compson? Do you mildly dislike her? Do you think she's just kinda stupid writing-wise? Then you've come to the right place! ~ Here is the thread where all haters of Ladonna can explain why,
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