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"jabba licks slave leia s face and her neck with his tongue"

The Great Jabba the Hutt
Let's face it, as amusing and fanservicey as the fight at Jabba's was in the opening of Return of the Jedi, Jabba himself was really juggling the villain ball during the whole thing. Thus, this story is an attempt to restore a lot of badassery to the Hutt
Rededication service for Pte. Caleb Wood & Robert Tongue 2004
Band of the Prince of Wales Division forming up on The Green, Ruddington, 2004 Prince of Wales Choir. Lone bugler at grave of Robert Tongue. 1879 Firing Party preparing to fire the salute. Band of Prince of Wales Div. arriving in
Tongue Twister Game
Hey everyone, I've got a fun, new little game for us! With elfie's permission I've started this game of Tongue Twisters. What you do is try to form a sentence using the same letter for each word of the sentence. Example: Snape stood sulking silently.
Free Haven Slave Trade
The old man walks slowly through the streets of Free Haven walking with purpose he carries a satchel and a determined look on his hidden visage. He walks directly to the slave trader's block and asks to see the head auctioneer, as he waits he goes through
My Horses Bio's
I want to give credit to any artist's for images, photos, or art that has been used for play by's! I do not claim copy right or credit for these images! Im redoing Shêtân I did not like the way his character roll turned out so I'm starting over with
Slave Delivered to Zau'afin Compound
*sounds of battle ring down the tunnel only to end abruptly as a familiar Grey Orc lumbers down the hall dragging a half naked human male by it's hair* Gruc'lok give slave as promised, he was name Loke not dat yoo cares. Mes expects good golds and will
Tiefling Servents
I may have mentioned this before but apart from Drow Tieflings are my second faviorte race. Any players intrested in rping underdark tieflings I would welcome as slaves, servants, and mercianries. Thanks and have a great rp, VileNolram
Trina, A Beautiful Slave.... [Mature]
Trina walked slowly down the hallway, trying to last a few hours to get into her master's room. She felt like crying, and didn't know what to do... but she kept on. Slowly, she walked into her master's room and bent to the ground murmuring, "What do
With Lexi at the park
( continued from Wait! did I hear that correctly? There an..... Last post) Rex and Lexi finally arrive at the park. Rex sees an ice cream cart nearby. "How about we start this off with some ice cream?" Rex points at the cart.
Slave Escort [Ironhouse Halls]
Valtore, Jay, Celovar, and Bryanna can be seen escorting a group of 12 skinny individually into the Ironhouse Halls. Most are human along with 2 elves and 1 half-elf.  Once inside Celovar immediately gets them food and set up with drinks.
Face Claim Topic
A Angeal Hewley, Final Fantasy- The Great Redeemer and Lord of Mortals Aoi Kunieda, Beelzebub- Lindsey Arya, Inheritance Cycle- Your Great God Emperor Princess A Lovesick Moose Alibaba Saluja, Magi- The Great Redeemer and Lord of
I love gifs, although I can't make them, and lately I've had a lot of free time. So, basically, you give me the name of the celebrity and I find beautiful selected gifs of him for you. That also incluses anime characters. You can specify the gifs if you
Gift from a slave
After an absence, much more brief than expected, Cassandra returns to camp. However, she does not return alone. Greatly struggling with her capacity, she drags two corpses to the camp, braving death and worse as she makes her way through the Beholder
A Slave to Love.
Bulgaria, 1523. “You’ll do anything for me?” he whispered to her, gently stroking the strands of hair that covered her ear, and her neck. “Anything” she whispered back, her heart pounding against her chest. She could feel him kissing her ever so
Cat got your tongue (tag Raphael)
The night after 'Saving Grace' Time: 8:39 PM Love was giving up hope Don was coming back that night. She was hungry and frankly, tired of eating rodents. She needed more meat. And as much as she liked Don and wanted to do good for him, he
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