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The Great Jabba the Hutt
Let's face it, as amusing and fanservicey as the fight at Jabba's was in the opening of Return of the Jedi, Jabba himself was really juggling the villain ball during the whole thing. Thus, this story is an attempt to restore a lot of badassery to the Hutt
24th Tunic?
Everyone, I just picked this tunic up recently and it has a name tag in the collar, which reads " Lt. Fowler 24th ". I was inquiring about his name, but apparently he doesn't appear on the rosters. Any chance that this is a real tunic?
"16166 S: COLLAR MKR. B. SHELFORD, R.A." Benjamin Shelford, from St Mary's, Huntingdon, enl, aged 23, at Aldershot 4/1/1879, served in the Zulu War gaining the South Africa Medal & clasp "1879" & in the Boer War gaining the QSA
Vertirs Collar (Strong Armor +)
Name: Vertir’s Collar Type: necklage strong armor + Description: Spoiler: Strengths: - protect's neck from attacks - the bell is made from lacrima material. it stores a litle bit of energy evry spell. after 3 spells he can use the energy for his nex
Searching for herbs (open for all)
Turis was walking somewhere along the border looking for herbs. His wings had gotten tired of flying, so he thought he'd just walk for a little bit. Turis hadn't ever ben too far out of FireWing territory, so was he a bit cautious about what he was doing,
Batman Begins: The Dark Knight
"Not quite dead is the best way to describe the recent discovery that Bruce Wayne, heir to the billion dollar company Wayne Enterprises, has revealed to the public." Vicky Vale, news reporter called the latest news that has been sweeping
Alyce Wonderland
Enrollment Form Basic info Name: Alyce "Al" Wonderland Age: 17 Birthday: 7/12 Gender: Male Race: Human Height: 5'7 Weight: 115 Face Claim: (Unknown) Stats STR: 2 AGT: 3 SPD: 3 SPT: 4 Aura 190|110 HP Personality Group:
spotted this for auction - havent seen anything like it come up before . 90th one for your deep pockets I feel!! Sergio
Sleep talking....?
Is there a way to stop sleep talking... because apperently I sleep talk/ argue in my sleep ?
|BASICS| Name: Zeref Age: 14 Birthplace: Southern air temple Current Residence: Ba sing sei Rank: Bender Occupation:Does not work yet.Lives with his family. Element:Air Pets:N/A Weapons:N/A [size=18]|APPEARANCE| Hair:He has black hair. His
24th Regiment of Foot
Love the detail.
24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment & South Wales Borderers Auction
Lot No 199 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment & South Wales Borderers, a rare good quality other ranks waist belt clasp c. 1855 - 1871 of standard pattern showing central numerals and regimental title; a brass glengarry badge (KK458) (copper loops N
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