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The Great Jabba the Hutt
Let's face it, as amusing and fanservicey as the fight at Jabba's was in the opening of Return of the Jedi, Jabba himself was really juggling the villain ball during the whole thing. Thus, this story is an attempt to restore a lot of badassery to the Hutt
this is(not) a date
Kayla didn't think this through. She had a feeling that maybe she should've just not ran after Salem because really, then when Salem showed up she wouldn't have to deal up with the potential awkwardness. And if there was awkward tension then Kayla had an
Panama for Spring Break!
Thank the gods for Spring Break. Not only did she get to sleep in past 6:30, but didn't have to do combat drills with twenty pounds worth of imperial gold weighing her down. It was around noon or so when Heather Montgomery made her way down from the twelv
Jana; Deadly but beautiful
Name:Jana Gender:Female Age:18 1/2 History:Jana was a killer since she was 5, that's when her father was killed by someone, he was shot and she had to see it right in her very eyes. She was so sad, and it started with killing her mother. She impressed
It's Sunny and Bright, Not a Care In The World (For Silver Shadows)
Name: Charles Gender: Male Age: 24 Species: Human ..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..:: I glanced up at the sun, squinting my dark brown eyes and blinking. I gently pulled my sunglasses
Intersting KH Pics You Find.
Just post any KH related pics you find. Anything. Comics, famart, official model art, or anything that's both KH, and a picture. I'll start off with this: >_> Sorry. Please click the Comic to view the missing panels.
Be a Model!
Wolfe stretched back, reaching her arms over her head. She and her friend Catarina, Cat for short, had been walking for what felt like hours! Just how far into this forest was that photoshoot? We are never going to get there! We are going to die out here!
Halo...The Last Battle (PicknPlay...FROM HALO GAME...)
Name: Kat Age: 26 Gender: Female Personality: Strong, Wise, Fast, Kind, Intelligent, Loyal, Outspoken, Brave, Slick, Smooth Other: Has A French Accent, Has One Robotic Arm Due to Loss at War Rank: Spartan, In Noble Six Armor Color:
The Shipping Thread
Ho ho ho! Homeless Santa here again! While checking things out around here, I noticed that we have two very similar threads for discussing pairings and shippings in the Bunnehs n Bears board, so I took the liberty of merging them together into one thread
Tragedy Strikes Close To Home [Kami]
She carried Kami from the forest of Kiri, into the village itself, no one questioning her as she walked down the streets of the major village. Saika was happy that Kiri was the kind of place where everybody minded their own business, unlike some other
Interruptions (John/Sherlock)
John smiles across the candle-lit table at his date. She was a pretty girl he'd met at Tesco's, she'd helped him avoid yet another battle with the chip-and-pin machine and then gone out for a coffee with him. They'd had a lovely time, staying in the small
Thought this could be of use ^^
A Love As Sweet As Dark Chocolate (ORIGINAL..RRRRRR!!! XXX!!! Very graphic, not for the faint of heart. MATURE!)
~Past “Saint, I said no...” “Why baby? It will be okay...i promise.” The feeling of her skin against mine was irresistible. The sweet painted mare I had pressed to me was like none other. Her aroma was more than I could handle but I kept my hormones
Rainy's 28th Hunger Games Characters
Welcome to my new character topic! All of my normal characters can be found here, but my stylists and mentor for the 27th games are in my other character topic: Click here to view my stylists, see my old characters, and say anything relatviely unimportant
Jane Read Is A Brick......House!
She's a brick house She's mighty, mighty, just lettin' it all hang out She's a brick house I like a lady stacked and that's a fact Ain't holding nothing back She's a brick house We're together everybody knows And this is how the story goes She
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