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The Great Jabba the Hutt
Let's face it, as amusing and fanservicey as the fight at Jabba's was in the opening of Return of the Jedi, Jabba himself was really juggling the villain ball during the whole thing. Thus, this story is an attempt to restore a lot of badassery to the Hutt
Who Eats Brains?
I saw at Franklin Market they had sheep brains. Has anyone eaten brains and what do you think of them in taste and texture. I am thinking they sound disgusting but may in fact like pig nuts which sound disgusting but are the most delicious morsel
Something sweet to eat. [Closed to me and starbright24]
Lance the Riolu was walking through the forest, looking for some peacha berries to eat. He hasn't had anything all morning, and his stomach was demanding that he better put something in it soon. He looked around, trying to spot a peacha berry, but he
111211 Girls' Generation's Yoona doesn't gain weight no matter how much she eats
Girls' Generation recently revealed that amongst the nine girls, there is one who isn't able to gain weight no matter what she eats. The girls took part in an episode of Mnet's "The Beatles Code" on December 8th, at midnight, where they spoke on their
Marine-creature clan!! (Weird i know!!! XD)
Name:Cherokee Age:5 Gender:Female Player:Iggy! Type:Merhorse (i don't care what you call it i call it a merhorse!! lol!) Personality:Smart, Playful,
Crossover Ideas and Plots
The Deka's and the Giant Toad VS Rainian Agent Abrella tracks down Finster, who survived the Z wave by hiding and had since hid out on Earth for a peaceful life, and plants a
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