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"jaba the hut return of the jedi"

A place where one can post stories related to the RPG's you post in. It can be CAU, NuCAU, Marvel/CAU, or just about any RPG that you post in. It can be either canon or non canon. It also doesn't have to be about RPG's it could be a story concerning your
The Great Jabba the Hutt
Let's face it, as amusing and fanservicey as the fight at Jabba's was in the opening of Return of the Jedi, Jabba himself was really juggling the villain ball during the whole thing. Thus, this story is an attempt to restore a lot of badassery to the Hutt
STAR WARS: Rise of the Jedi
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... EPISODE AU RISE OF THE JEDI   The tide of the war has turned. With the help of his uncle, the Prodigal Knight REVAN, Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER has defeated DARTH VADER, his apprentices, and the
Overdue return. (Akryns return to site, open rp)
The winds whipped and howled through the mountains, bringing with them a bitter cold from the peaks. Other than the howling winds it was quiet and lonely up here, with nothing more than Karakuri city and the old, forgotten ruins of the once proud and
The Return (Open to all FT Members)
This was the big moment, the one day that Chloe had been looking forward to and dreading. This was the first time that she would enter the guild after a long while of being away. She had to leave of a powerful illness and this was the first time she was
The triumphant return of an old duergar
Hello Dalelands! After a few months of my computer being stolen the police caught the bad guy and returned it to me! I am back and will be trying to cram in as much play time as my work schedule will permit. I'm excited to see all the changes, and hope to
The Return of a Hero
Spoilers for PMD 3 Special Episode 5! If you haven't played it yet, not only will this not make as much sense, but also you might be deprived of the wonderful experience that is Special Episode 5. The characters Yoshi the Riolu (no relation to the Mari
Code Lyoko Return to the Past Theories
We've all had our kind of ideas about this but I just want to collect them all here and then explain why my idea is the bestest best of them all. Anyway, to not make a giant display of it with graphs and such my thoughts on how RTTP works is that
Why did Lord Chelmsford return to Isandlwana on the 22nd Jan
Why exactly did Lord Chelmsford return to the camp on the 22nd.  What did he really hope to achieve. Orders were given to retake the camp, but by the time they actually did, it was in pitch darkness. if the Zulus had been there, would they not have had
The return-en-ing
Hello everyone, some of you may have noticed I dropped off the face of the planet. PMs were left unanswered, general contact was dropped, ect. I just want to inform you it was due to finals. They are now done so I'll be more available. Thank you for
Return of the Academy
Ok. So the Academy once existed to gather everyone together to rp before they moved on to serve their respected nations. Though in the previous case it was more like Nation. So, here's what I wanna know. How many people want its return but with a few
Titans Return
((This is not our teams official team picture is is just one made for this thread in particular.)) Riot and Ao have officially taken back titans tower and finished their base. They have now a spot light in the sky of a T to show the city that the
A Return of Sorts. 12/2/14
There's a familiar howl from the edge of the Bawn. " James Seta, of late of the Sept of the Long Watch, wishes entry into the Sept of Falling Waters."
The Return of Ophelia
Ophelia The Hive Mind Basic info Name: Ophelia De Saint-Pierre Age: 16 Birthday: 01/02 Gender: Female Type Race: Android Height: 4'0 Weight: 250 lb Face Claim: Eve - Elsword Stats STR:2 DEF:4 RES:4 SPT:2 Aura 150|150
The Return [Kasai]
Walking into the gates she knew she had to unveil the news and figure out what to do next. Of course with such a long trip she'd also need a good rest up. She stretched a bit and yawned loudly before looking around at the familiar faces. She smiled going
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