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J.S Dietz Toy Soldiers
Various Zulu Regiments. Nicely painted
Lead Soldiers Moulds.
Gents. I know you can help. I’m looking to make lead soldiers preferably Zulu War. Does anyone know where I can purchase moulds for making lead soldiers?
information required on any kilkenny soldiers with the 24th
Given that the 24th were Stationed in kilkenny ireland and that most of the regiments recruited as the went from place to place i was wondering if any one has any information on any kilkenny men who were with the 24th any help greatly appreciated i
Welsh Soldiers in the Zulu War
Soldiers and diseases
Just out of interest did many soldiers died of disease while serving in the Zulu wars. What kind of diseases were there, apart from the obvious Malaria disease. And were there medics serving with the various regiments, I know they had stretcher bearers,
Soldiers letters from the Zulu War.
A few letters from those that served and died.
Fix Bayonets and died like British Soldiers.
With reference to the last order being given by Younghusband. Fix Bayonets and died like British Soldiers. Is this fact or is it a glamorised tale, in order to make good reading in the papers. It is said this was the last order heard, does anyone know b
Soldiers' letters from the Zulu War:
Mr G. There a mention of Sundays River in one of the letters. Click Here: Soldiers' letters from the Zulu War:
Why were soldiers left at Rorkes Drift,
After both battles had finshed, why were soldiers left at RD. they had no ammunition, RD had basicly been destroyed. In reality it was nothing more that a disease ridden hell hole. What was there to gain by staying there,
The Welsh Soldiers and others at Rorke's Drift 1879
"Of the 122 soldiers of the 24th Regiment present at the Battle of Rorke's Drift, 49 are known to have been of English nationality, 32 were Welsh, 16 were Irish, 1 was a Scot, and 3 were born overseas. The nationalities of the remaining 21 are
How many soldiers died at Potspruit? (Anglo-Zulu War 1879 )
I have a long-distant relative who was a member of the Isipingo Mounted Rifles. His name was Gustavius Morton Green. 18 Years old when killed in action at 'Potts Spruit' (actually Potspruit) - near the then Zulu Border ( between Kranskop and Greytown) on
"Fix Bayonets and died like British Soldiers do."
I always thought Younghusband was credited with the famous and final command at Isandlwana.
Zulu Dawn. British soldiers in the hills
Hi. Well Zulu Dawn as just ended. I notice in the film, that there were some British soldiers quite high up in the hills not in any kind of formation, but just sitting down taking shots at the Zulu's which appeared to be to far off to do any damage. I wa
Rorke's Drift - Told with plastic soldiers
hi everyone, these are pictures of my diorama of rorkes drift (not quite up to the standard of my other ones) -scenes inspired by that classic 'Zulu'
Soldiers of Rye.
Stumbled upon a little shop in Rye, East Sussex.  If your ever in Rye, East Sussex, pay a visit to a little High Street shop  "Soldiers of Rye."  The proprietor Mr Chris Viner, makes you feel very welcome as soon as you walk in. His
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