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Moofy the Combat Pig
Name: Moofy Rank: Weak Species: Pig Type: Combat Pet Description: Moofy is a combat pig always ready to butt butts and bring you aid. At first it seems unreliable, its an adorable pig, but in truth once you gain its loyalty, you have a very
Combat and Encounter Rules
Combat and Encounter Rules Combat Combat here is pretty simple. You and your opponent each have a pool of Aura/HP, and using COMMON SENSE, You use a combination of Weapons, Dust, and/or Semblances to whittle the foe's bar down. Weapons, Dusts,
Combat Skills System
Specialty System Here on our site, we define a ninja by what they specialize in. Ninja use different styles of combat, and use different ways they go about combat, so we have given them a system that allows for freedom in choice of how one wishes to
Trial combat for return
Akryn sat leaning against one of the arenas wall, a wide straw hat tilted forward on his head and a gourd of sake in one hand, his sword stuck between his legs and leaning back against his shoulder. It had been quite some time since he had been to this
Dragons Are All the Same [Private/Combat Neltharion]
Ah, the glistening, snowy forests on the borders of the IceWing kingdom. They were truly such a beautiful sight to behold in their glory. Such densely packed forestation, held together by snow. The glistening peaks could rise so high, sometimes as tall as
Audra - Ethereal Combat Exceed
Name: Audra Rank: Ethereal Species: Feline Exceed Type: Exceed - Combat Pet Description: Appearance: Abilities: Exceed Free Passive Flight: Name: Flight Rank: Scales with User Type: Support - Passive Description: The innate ability of all exceed
Azazel, The Demon's Hands
Equipment Name: Azazel Tier: 1 Type: Weapon, Armor Equipment Significance: Combat Purposes Description: Azazel looks much like regular gauntlets for armor do, made of dense metal and plated to cover the mid arm and hands. It completely encases this
Combat Commando Armour
Name: Combat Commando Armour Ability/Function: the Combat Commando Armour will automaticly heal itself if unharmed for 5 posts. There is a compartment hidden in the wrists for 6 Shuriken, which can be extracted 3 at a time. May be worn beneath his
Advanced Close Quarter Combat Class 1 (Open to ACQC recruits)
It was a sunny day, not too hot, but not too cold. The temperature was just right for sparing. Today was a very special day, it was the first day of Advanced Close Quarter Combat. In the middle of the arena was a teenaged boy with messy black hair. He was
I feel EEL....
Contract Contract Animal: EEL Type of Species: Fish Sub Species: Any none ninja oceanic creature can be added to the contract. (None shinobi creatures, these are ones found in nature.) List of Summons: (Here you will add all the summonings
Combat and Our Damage System
This site uses a slightly modified version of the Rules from Vampire:The Masquerade v3 What's different? We let you use Celerity in the round you spend the BP...and allow you to add it to your Initiative Raiting...the only catch, once you declare the
Initialize Combat Simulation(Cool, Kia Private-practice battle)
Lee stepped into the world, that to him, was more odd-looking than his homeworld of wonderland. he'd been hearing all different types, such as program, virus, Log-in, user, among others...he suddenly felt very alienated. he had stumbled into this place on
Naval Brigade Combat Casualties of the Zulu War
Naval Brigade Combat Casualties of the Zulu War HMS Active William Aynsley, Signalman, Killed in Action by assegai, Isandlwana 22 Jan ‘79 George Berryman, Ordinary, Bullet wound to right thigh, Inyezane, 22 Jan ‘79 Thomas Butler, Able Seaman, Bullet
The Combat Classroom, 3rd Period(open)
Deep breathing could be heard from Erika as she sat at her desk with her large, pastel colored, silk pillow. It was her near daily practice as most students thought that they had nothing to learn from the lazy-looking instructor, and she was fine with tha
Generator Rex 2.0
'There's more to my job with Providence than smashing heads, Noah. I mean, that kid today was so - scared. To him, I wasn't fighting some EVO'ed out monster. I was... hurting someone he cared for. I was the bad guy. What am I supposed to do with that?
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