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Can you tell me...What am I? (Open/Social)
Maya stood outside the gates of the Lamia Scale Guild, fidgeting nervously despite her best efforts to stop. The trip to Hargeon had been long and difficult from her hometown. Having never stepped foot outside of Magnolia, it had been quite the adventure.
swimming because why not (OPEN)
Jackie's swimsuit. BEWARE: it shows a lot of skin xD:  It was off schedule but who cared? Jackie was getting rather bored of her same routine of going only one or two places on certain days of the week. Plus, today just felt like a day for wading
Lucky Strike [Open]
"Young master, please take care." A middle aged man in glasses tried to dust off invisible specks on the boy's sweater, fretting over him, much like a mother hen would her chicks. He even looked suitably broody as he kept trying to hold him back from
Yet Another Silence Disturbed {OPEN, Max 3.}
(THANK YOU POLYVORE) Finally, a chance for Amaye to be surrounded by peace and silence. The dozens of shelves that contained books towered over her as she quietly strode down an aisle. She glanced around for some sort of book to pull out and lose
I-I.. I Feel Like A Monster {R/M} {Open}
{Atreyu's Speech} " No! No! Please, spare me!" The wolf backed away, tripping over his own paws as he tried to flee from Atreyus. The massive blood-stained white beast who stood like a skyscraper at the height of 10.5 hands tall, towered
Back to where it all began ( OPEN )
It felt as if history were rewriting itself. Detailing out one wolfs life to the tiniest fragment, the most precise detail. As she carved her way through the tall grass, finding her way through the labyrinth that was this field, she let out an audible
Starting off with a Sunny Disposition [open]
Thomas came strolling into the entrance, hands in his pockets and whistling a tune. He didn't have a care in the world. To him, Beata was just another chapter in his life. Another chapter that he would conquer like everything else he'd conquered in his
Trials and Travails, and the Good Fun in-between (Open)
(Note: I must have your OOC Consent if you wish to join this thread.) Usually the Soul Bar would be packed with all-comers to Talonia the scene was a well-known dive for those who had reason to come to the fair town, however on this night was mostly an
Setting the record straight [Open]
(Current Word Count: 2,209) Suna ventured far off into the wilds of the desert, known as the Yasei. Bandits and all sort of scum lived out here, robbing and pillaging unfortunate travelers. Many people didn't linger too long out here, and those that di
bloody sacrifice (holding open for...)
Sangiunuis was out off the woods and looked around, this could be a long travel and a hard one, he looked a last time back. Then Sanguinius taked a diep breath and started walking forwards trough this land looking, stalking for a prey. He looked around
One Plus One Plus One Equals... (Hed, Buck & open)
The cheerful redhead was doing her usual thing. Usual being having a drink in a club and watching the dancers. In her mind, she was critiquing their form and the grace that they showed, but she would never tell them that. One does not criticize a stripper
In The Name Of Freedom [R] (open)
Name: Pride Age: 7 Gender: Stallion Breed: Arabian Coat Colour: Bronze chestnut Eye Colour: Dark blue Markings: Blaze. 4 white socks Scars: None Personality: Pride is a very proud wild sallion, who is rather arrogant and cocky. Stubborn and
New City, New Possibilities (Open)
Almyra had detected something from a long way off during her studies. The start of something new, something with potential for great power and influence. There were a large number of mages gathering here for what seemed to be the formation of a new guild,
Serious: Following the Spiderweb (Open to Space Cadet and Myself)
Daiki's ship, the Galatea had just landed in an island unknown to him. It seemed to be a dark, shady looking town. It had people, but it had an underground system below the big town. There were dark passaged between houses, hidden allies. There were hidde
Lavara. (OPEN TOPIC)
Name- Lavara Breed- Elf Gender- Female Age- 21 Powers- She doesent have many, but the ones she does have are very powerful. She is able to tap into other creatures thoughts, picking up on memories and wants. She is also able to control them, but rarle
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