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Lovey Dovey Movie Time
Time: 7:45 PM Date: February 10, 0007 Compared to Halloween and Christmas, visitors would find the Drive-In had fewer decorations up for this month's holiday. A few pastel colored hearts on the glass doors and counters, a basket of colorful flowers,
Advertisement: Romantic Movie Marathon
Time: Noon Date: February 05, 0007 Love, romance. Amore. Soon would be the day of Valentine, a very important holiday for couples. For your average single Sally and Saul though? Hope you enjoy chocolates! Indeed, the very sight of paper hearts and
Showoff Contest (Alistaire&Summer)
Job Title: Wedding Crashers Rank: C Player Requirements: Thread must be 15 posts long. 250 Words per post. Job Requirements: C-Ranked Wizard(s) or two D-Ranked Wizards. Must defeat the Ex-Boyfriend; either in his normal form, or enraged state.
A Family? The Forest Chosen Twin (Open)
Yazuki was standing outside the ruined building, wondering what all was true about the guild. He was shirtless, as usual. He was chewing on one of his signature lightning charred sticks, nervous and not sure what to think. In the forest where he met
Kids games can keep you warm [private/job]
“God when will this frigid weather end? I’m ready to hang out outside without freezing my balls off.” Lex shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he walked towards a large building that one might call a mall. There wasn’t much to do today it seemed, he
General Update
Character Name:"Wave Breaker" Kyte Link to Approved Character /t6890-wave-breaker-kyte Affiliation: Marine Crew: (Name or link.) Occupation: Martial Artist Secondary Occupation:Historian Historian: The historian is one of the people who know
They're Clanging Mad (Job: Summer/Elyx)
Shine down, Spark up”Elyx… we’re here right??” Summer looked around the Lycan woods as she tried her best to remember it’s location oh so well… this was apparently where the reports were stated to be. The reports were rather strange she found, she
Death in the family. Going to be out.
Hey guys, I'm heading to Virginia for a bit to attend a funeral and memorial service of my grandfather. We are driving, so there is a chance I might be out until Friday the 27th. We leave either this Thursday or this Friday. I'll also be busy packing
Celion Acodela (Update Sheet)
Character Name: Celion Acodela Link to Approved Character /t7013-celion-acodela-finished#52059 Affiliation: Pirate Crew: Occupation: Weapon Specialist / Doctor Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: 0 Fate Perks: 5 Fate Points: 0 Primary:
Discussing about Tech,Games and stuffs
Heya. Just wanted to start this topic cause Im bored. And here I wanna see what kind of Games or Tech things you like or want to discuss about. so Just write down what kinda games you play or what computer/console you game on etc.
Remember when games were good? Me either.
JANUARY 7th | 12:30 (noon) | YEAR 7 Spoiler: "Hey guy, I'm lookin' for a small... device that plays those video game things." "Well, that is not very specific, but I do happen to have a small collection of handheld video gaming consoles..." "..
Family of sorts
It would be one big lie if Beatris Greyback says this is the spontaneous decision. You know, to say that she just woke up this morning and decided that she wants to be a werewolf. Not to tell that she is one of the rare people who actually wants somethin
Secrets and unknown truth revealed
These past few months have been going actually very well, she was getting closer to her family despite her parents still wanted her to 'settle down,' she was actually enjoying spending with her family.  Maura felt bad after she graduated to travel the
Finding One's Family Among The Stars
Job Title: Finding One's Family Among The Stars Rank: 100 year Player Requirements: Aiyana Only, 17k word solo job. (Character Job, no public option) Job Requirements: Aiyana must find out if the rumors of her people are true. If so she must find them
Lyokos Update
Character Name: Lyoko Link to Approved Character Click Affiliation: Free Agent Crew: - Occupation: Martial Artist | Doctor (Surgeon) Tier: 2 Bounty/Reputation: 1,000,000 World Position: Noble - Illusia Fate Perks: Hard Worker - You can
Whats wrong with me?!?! (Sol/Summer)
♛ Ahh, Hosenka! The lovely oriental town that reminded Summer of her own little village back at home. Summer quite liked it here, she had been here before when she met Hera, the glorious fire dragon slayer. Although she knows that she will probably
A Blacksmith's Character Update
Character Name: Magnus "Christopher" Dayne Link to Approved Character: The Cursed Blacksmith Affiliation: Free Agent Crew: None Occupation: Primary: Blacksmith {Cursed Smith} Secondary: Weapon Specialist Tier: 4 Bounty/Reputation:
Noon Over Steel [Summer/Cherish]
Trust Cherish to pick one of the most cliche times for a spar, Summer thought to herself as she walked into the courtyard of Dipugakure's northern island to wait for her best friend. She was quite a bit early but that was probably to be expected now, afte
Blood Under Moonlight [Summer vs Baek]
The babbling of running water was the only thing disturbing the silence of the night. Summer's steps were soft as she walked out from the woods to see the river, caressing the ground as it ran down the mountain. A long, wide bridge spanned it, cobbled and
Sundance Update Corner
Character Name: Isaiah Sundance Link to Approved Character Character Done Affiliation: Marine Crew: N/A Occupation: Marksman Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: 0 World Position: - Fate Perks: Race Change - Allows you to register a Character that is
Family Bonding {Ka/Corrina]
It was about mid day when Ka could be found moving through the Jiko compound with a frantic look on his face, of course you couldn't really tell the time in the land of shadows with the black dome blocking out the sun making that nearly impossible. Now
Summer Avalon
"Oh you sweet summer child." Summer Avalon «««IDENTITY»»» Full Name: Summer Avalon Nickname(s): Codename: Alley Cat Alias(es): Age: 26 Race: Spell Casting Human Alignment: Neutral Good «««PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION»»» Hair Color:
Orion Hudson Update
General Info    Character Name: Orion Hudson    Link to Approved Character Orion Hudson    Affiliation: Pirate    Crew: TBD    Occupation: Martial Artist | Weapon Speciailist    Tier: 2    Bounty/Reputation: 0    World Position: (If you possess
Hunting for Gingerbread Man[Job: Haia and Summer]
Our mighty heroines Summer and Haia end up in Rose Garden to chase a delicious looking the runaway gingerbread man. The gingerbread man is a weak fellow, with the punching strength of a biscuit but the running speed of a top tier athlete. Honestly his
Summer's House
outside: upon entering: Living room: Kitchen/dining room: bedroom: guest room: spa: garden:
Beata Games
In the Dark Days, the inhuman among us, with their monstrous powers called 'gifts,' rose up against true humanity. It was only by the strength and virtue of our united resistance that we were able to crush their rebellion and save our species from certain
I got my camp half-blood shirt today! (Any ideas?)
SO I just got my Camp Half-blood shirt today!!!! I am so excited Any accessories that would go well with is (Spears, Tools, Shields, ect.)
Landru Nomad - Update Sheet
General Info Character Name: Landru Nomad Link to Approved Character Here Affiliation: Marine Crew: N/A Occupation: Martial Artist/Weapons Specialist Tier: 2 Bounty/Reputation: 0 World Position: Fate Perks: Devil's Meddle - 2 Kami Haki I -
It's all fun and games till someone gets killed
The App For those of you who don't know, this is our lovely Lady of Darkness, Caelani Bittel. Don't call her that, though. She'll hurt you if you call her that. Former Death Eater, former leader of the Death Eaters, formerly missing. Calli is back
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