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[PHOTOS TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 2 - Sweet Creature
Round 1 - Life Thru a Lens Welcome to the second round of the Photography Tournament! For this round you'll provide a photo that alludes to the concept "Sweet Creature". It must be your interpretation of it and you may add a brief paragraph explaining
[QUIDDITCH]: Gryffindor – Game 1
Scenario   The first game of the season! Should be an easy and rich game, the weather is mild and the sun isnt shinning too bright, perfect conditions to play quidditch   The crowd begins to fill the stands as 14 enchanted dummies specially ordered by
Kaori: Underwater Adventure: Running Out of Air: C Rank: Solo - Private
Job:Job title: Underwater adventure: running out of air Rank: C Player requirements: Minimum 220 words per post, must roll at least 5 times to summon the boss automatically. Defeat him and complete the mission in less than 15 posts. Job requirements:
Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B)
0150 Leah's Level Up (D to C) [C Rank Exam] 0050 Promise to Be (Fiore's Next Top Model) 0050 Is it So Difficult to (Find the Little Lion) ? 0050 Always Apt to End Up (Running Out of Air) in Needful Times 0150 Never Should (the Apprentice) Stop
[Private] Goin' on adventure - Ada & Eris (Noheme)
It had been some time since a particular strange individual entered Earthland from a distance world, and when arriving she met a particular powerful individual, they forged a friendship and now were on their way to find adventure, so with that she followe
Ulundi Battlefield memorial
Id actually forgotten that Drummond died here. Surprised to see his headstone.
A Beautiful Love (Invite Only, Noa and Chiyo's wedding)
It was a beautiful day in February, the sun reflecting off the snowdrifts to make it seem like the ground was glittering, couples all over the place, doing special things for Valentines day. But today was even more special for Chiyo Kuroki, for today she
♥ Valentine's At Beata 2k17 ♥ [Copy Paste Edition!]
A Blessing for Some and a Time of Misery for Others Love is in the Air, Beata ~ !! And the season is coming, ready or not! ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ Happy Valentine's Day ~  ♥ ♥ ♥ It's time once again to brush up on your romance skills, ladies and gentlemen! In
General Update
Character Name:"Wave Breaker" Kyte Link to Approved Character /t6890-wave-breaker-kyte Affiliation: Marine Crew: (Name or link.) Occupation: Martial Artist Secondary Occupation:Historian Historian: The historian is one of the people who know
Celion Acodela (Update Sheet)
Character Name: Celion Acodela Link to Approved Character /t7013-celion-acodela-finished#52059 Affiliation: Pirate Crew: Occupation: Weapon Specialist / Doctor Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: 0 Fate Perks: 5 Fate Points: 0 Primary:
Yuri, mod soul version
Mod Soul Template Basic Information Name: Yuri Romanov Age: [How old does your character appear to be?] True Age: [What is their real age?] Sex: [Male or Female] Personality: [Describe how your character acts and thinks in general. Be
Secrets and unknown truth revealed
These past few months have been going actually very well, she was getting closer to her family despite her parents still wanted her to 'settle down,' she was actually enjoying spending with her family.  Maura felt bad after she graduated to travel the
Lyokos Update
Character Name: Lyoko Link to Approved Character Click Affiliation: Free Agent Crew: - Occupation: Martial Artist | Doctor (Surgeon) Tier: 2 Bounty/Reputation: 1,000,000 World Position: Noble - Illusia Fate Perks: Hard Worker - You can
A Blacksmith's Character Update
Character Name: Magnus "Christopher" Dayne Link to Approved Character: The Cursed Blacksmith Affiliation: Free Agent Crew: None Occupation: Primary: Blacksmith {Cursed Smith} Secondary: Weapon Specialist Tier: 4 Bounty/Reputation:
Nekonote, Hanako [Jutsu List]
Name: Sage Summoning: Vampire Bat Swarm Canon/Custom: Custom Rank: A Type: Supplementary Element: / Range: / Specialty: Senjutsu, Rinji Clan Duration: Until destroyed or dispelled Cooldown: Duration +3 Description: A sage of the Rinji is able to
Sundance Update Corner
Character Name: Isaiah Sundance Link to Approved Character Character Done Affiliation: Marine Crew: N/A Occupation: Marksman Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: 0 World Position: - Fate Perks: Race Change - Allows you to register a Character that is
(Character Job) Release the flames!
Job Title: Release the flames! Rank: B Player Requirements: 2 mages max (2 mages must either be C ranked unless accompanied by a B rank mage), must have Summer accompany in the mission. (she is not included in the ‘2 mages max’) Job Requirements: Defea
Himiko: Start of an Adventure
With her team technically disbanded, Himiko had honestly fallen into some rather sad times. Sure Armen and Dec were still out there, but they weren't a team any more. Not in the same sense anyway, and this began to make her feel a little without purpose.
Orion Hudson Update
General Info    Character Name: Orion Hudson    Link to Approved Character Orion Hudson    Affiliation: Pirate    Crew: TBD    Occupation: Martial Artist | Weapon Speciailist    Tier: 2    Bounty/Reputation: 0    World Position: (If you possess
Country Bumpkin's adventure [Private Social]
The train came to a stop puffing out plumes of smoke and steam. Many passengers came pouring out with their luggage. Some came in herds as a family, other came in pairs, and some came alone. A young man with scarlet fiery red hair stepped off the train
Landru Nomad - Update Sheet
General Info Character Name: Landru Nomad Link to Approved Character Here Affiliation: Marine Crew: N/A Occupation: Martial Artist/Weapons Specialist Tier: 2 Bounty/Reputation: 0 World Position: Fate Perks: Devil's Meddle - 2 Kami Haki I -
Treasure Chase • Private, Job [Megálos Aderfós]
Job Info:Job Title: Treasure Chase Rank: C Player Requirements: Golden Phoenix members only, at least one C rank mage or equivalent. Job Requirements: A minimum of 25 posts for the thread. Each post with 200 words. Job Location: Any
Map Update - 7th October 2016
Map Updates After securing the Relic of Time and various resources from the mines, the UNSC have taken control of Zaron.  Asgard has been added to the map. Drakenhelm has been added to the map. Helix Prime has been added to the map. Chiron has been
Create Your Own Adventure Game
>Begin This is you. You don't know why you woke up in this hill, but you found you really aren't motivated enough to do anything other than just sit here against the dead tree. It's been a few hours and its possible it could be getting dark
Starting Out My Adventure!
Yo what's up guys, going to be roleplaying, will be needing help as this seems pretty complicated but here is my introduction! I'm Aruj, don't have a devil fruit yet but will be looking to have one. My dream is to become the master of all
Bartholomew Adams [Pirate - Update]
General Info Character Name: Bartholomew Adams Link to Approved Character Barto Affiliation: Pirate Crew: N/A Occupation: Historian Tier: 2 Bounty/Reputation: 1,000,000 World Position: im a fish Specs Hand to Hand - Neutral: 1 Devil Fruit:
The Best Myth Concerning Informa Revealed
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Azoth's Character Update (WIP)
General Info Character Name: Azoth QuikSilver Link to Approved Character Affiliation: Agent/Undeclared Crew: N/A Occupation: Weapon Specialist / BlackSmith Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: N/A World Position: N/A Specs Hand to Hand: 0 Devil
Esidisi - Update Sheet
General Info Character Name: Esidisi Link to Approved Character Link Affiliation: Free Agent Crew: N/A Occupation: Martial Artist / Navigator Tier: 1 Bounty/Reputation: 0 World Position: N/A Specs Hand to Hand: 3 Power Based - Spec Devil
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