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All About Mikey!
ABOUT YOU… About the great and powerful Mike!?! Who are you?: I'm Michelangelo, the cute mutant ninja turtle boy, the Big M, the Mikster and actual Naked Chef! How old are you?: *reads little profile bit under Avatar, sixteen! SWEET
The Mamodo Games
Plot --------------- Another reign of a King has come and passed, so now it is time. 100 new Mamodo are sent to Earth to find their individual human partner and defeat every other Mamodo. This time around, the Mamodo King is a particlarly cruel one, so
A little something for Luigi
Time to set the bait... Voila! Come hither Luigi, it's only a matter of time before you join our ranks.
Ship of Theseus (2013) 1/3DVDRip - XviD - Esubs - DTS Audio - Team TT Exclusive
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Bullet Raja (2013) (Non Retail) DVDRip 576p x264 Ac3 [XMR Exclusive]
Code:Complete name                                      : Bullet Raja (2013) Non Retail DVDRip 576p x264 Ac3 [XMR Exclusive] Format 
Bullet Raja (2013) (Non Retail) - 1/3DVDRip - XviD - AC3 - [XMR Exclusive]
Code:Complete name    : Bullet Raja (2013) - Non Retail DVDRip - XviD - AC3 - [XMR Exclusive] Format                        : AVI File size   
Hentai RP
Those of you not in the Hentai group (and of course that are 18 years +); there is an hentai RP about to start.... If you wanna join and explore new boundaries.... I never joined an hentai RP before so it's super embarrasing for me and I am, of course,
Aribeth's destiny
After a duel behind the oak she woke up, like from a nightmare. Unsure why she had given the opponent so much suffering she bandages him rapidly to stop the bleeding. A dwarf who wasn't that happy about Aribeth's power source came by and carries the
29th Annual Hunger Games Tribute Ranking Chart!
Back by popular demand (though not really) from the maker of the Tribute Chart it is the handy, dandy Tribute Ranking chart! Have you ever wondered the rankings for the tributes, but hated reading words? Well look no further! Here is a lovely image for
Grinding Gears: A Character Challenge
Hey, everyone. While I'm here, I think I'll have a little fun and post a challenge-of-sorts. I found this template a little earlier last year, and have been screwing around with it and my characters––wait, that sounded wrong. ..anyhow. The
PART B: Freedom vs Exia R2/ Blue Destiny 3
RULES: This battle is a handicap match. Risa (Mnemosyne16) and Kenji (Uryuu) vs Javier (Stinger). The Exia and Blue Destiny will be assigned the blue spots on the map. They can pick any of their choice. Meanwhile, the Freedom starts out at the red spot.
Training guide
Human to Devouring Beast/Shinigami Student Step 1 Central park>Buy weapon>Baseball bat Step 2 Equip>Slot 1>Baseball bat step 3 Karate Dojo>Train>choose a stat to train Step 4 Karate Dojo>Sparring Matches Step 5 just repeat 3 an
sheral sinthough
Name: sheral sinthough Age:16 Bounty: 3,000 Species: Human Occupation: stratagist/tactition, can be a captain Allegiance: Pirate Home Village/Ocean:west blue Appearance: he wheres a white suit most of the time witha pale blue shirt
Shuheii, Urahara [Kumo Chuunin Update]
Basic Information: Name: Shuheii, Urahara Secondary Title: Ura (with preferred honorific) or Shuheii-Kun Age: 17 Gender: Male Physical Appearance: Physical Appearance: Urahara has tan skin from being outside all day and
6 stallions, 7 mares (UPDATE)
(UPDATE) It was a boredom passer...I made a pic of a few of meh horses. If you wanna see, if can be find here. ------------- FROM NOW ON, ALL OF MY INFO WILL BE ON THIS WEBSITE. Thank you! Name: Emo Breed: Quarter Horse Gender:
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