Zulu Dawn/Zulu - New Immortals Film The Way Forward ?

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Zulu Dawn/Zulu - New Immortals Film The Way Forward ?

I see a new film is getting released in the cinema called Immortals, filmed in exactly the same way as 300, allowing the necessary scale - regarding terrain, buildings and numbers of warriors involved, as well as looking fantastic ! This style of filming technique isn't to everyone's taste, but personally, I could live with it, if it led to the making of Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift films. I say, let's get back to the time of the historical epics, [......]
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hi just wondering which film you all prefer 'ZULU' or 'ZULU DAWN' for me, it would have to be 'zulu' but which do you think? thanks joe
He is a link to an website promoting a new novel about the Zulu War to be published soon - but there is an interesting pictorial comparison between the actual characters and those who played them in the films Zulu / Zulu Dawn.
I'm probably not the only one to notice that the film Gladiator uses soundtrack from Zulu in its battle scene? The war cries of the Germanic tribes sound remarkably familiar! Listen carefully at about 2 minutes in to the sound of the tribes in the
For those who cannot afford the Zulu film script on e bay ( see thread below ), the Zulu Dawn script is available free at http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/z/zulu-dawn-script-screenplay.html JohnB
Hi. Well Zulu Dawn as just ended. I notice in the film, that there were some British soldiers quite high up in the hills not in any kind of formation, but just sitting down taking shots at the Zulu's which appeared to be to far off to do any damage. I wa
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