The Zulu Regiments at the major battles were as follows.

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The Zulu Regiments at the major battles were as follows.

Not to sure our accurate this is.

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Can anyone shed some light on where the NNC, NMP, NNH and similar originate. Where they local conscripts Or mercenaries, paid for by the British Government. In the Film Zulu Dawn the NMP were white men not black.
hi, List of British Regiments used in The Zulu War Kings Dragoon Guards (1st) Duke of Cambridge Own Lancers (17th) East Kent (3rd) Kings own Regiment (4th) 1st Somersetshire (13th) Royal North British Fusiliers (21st) 2nd Warwickshire (24th) West
Not sure if these have been posted before but check out these links for descriptions of various Zulu war battles with some excellent photos and
Hello all Anyone know it, if the black warriors of the infantry regiments of the NNC, had a special color of shield because of their old tribal/regiment organization, or their different ethnic origins and whether they had different types of shields,
It was pointed out to me that the forum did not contain a section deicated to the "BRITISH REGIMENTS WHICH SERVED IN THE ZULU WAR OF 1879" This section has been added and can be found below the "NAVAL BRIGADE" Section.
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