House of Zulu

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House of Zulu

· Inggonyama MALANDELA kaLuzumana
· Inggonyama NTOMBELA kaMalandela
· Inggonyama ZULU kaNtombhela c1709/-
· Inggonyama GHUMEDE kaZulu
· Inggonyama PHUNGA kaGhumede -/1727
· Inggonyama MAGEBA kaPhunga 1727/1745
· Inggonyama NDABA kaMageba 1745/1763, had issue.
· Inggonyama JAMA kaNdaba (qv)
· Nkwelo kaNdaba, had issue.
· Mbaza kaNkwelo, had issue.
· Lukilimba kaMbaza
· Mudli kaNkwelo, had issue.
· Mkhithika kaMudli
· Sigwebana kaMudli
· Zishungu [......]
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