Character Theme Songs

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Character Theme Songs

Hey, so I have this tribute in the Hunger Games. I always knew she was going to die, so I made her go insane first. But now I feel SUPER guilty for just giving up on her and I'm kind of scared she's going to come back and kill me in my sleep. (Because I created her, so she would know that: Fun Fact- I'm terrified that I'll die in my sleep. I just hate the idea of going to sleep and not waking up. It just- euurrgh. Shudder. Okay, nevermind, moving on, sorry.) Anyway, so basically [......]
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Cuz everybody's got a song! ______________________________ Kara Zor-El - Power Girl Main Theme: Haven't You Heard? Secondary Main Theme: Main Titles Happy, Delighted, Delirious: Like Whoa Solar-Charged: Little Secrets & Power of the
I noticed a lack of voice headcanon and themesong topics here. Themes can be in general or any occassion and maybe others can chip in with a thing they think would fit someone else's character.
This thread is for your charaters theme song. All characters have a theme song for example Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach his theme is Number One by Hazel Fernades. Now I would perfer that you don't take a song from RWBY but if you want to you can. Also
I sat down in the front row and looked behind me to check if Acacia was there. She was.
I dont know if it's good but i decided to post it anyways. Verse 1:We're just sitting here and i'm wondering what went wrong with me your so happy and i'm so sad we used to be alike but things went bad. Chorus: My friend looked down and me and
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